Sunday, October 29, 2006

Public Art

I do kind of wish I'd taken my camera to Suwon though. I checked out the Kyonggi provincial capitol building (mostly because it was marked on my Lonely Planet map), which turned out to be done in modernist Korean public building style, which is one of the least interesting architectural styles ever devised.

The road to the provincial government building was mostly nondescript, but there was one rather ramshackle building with all sorts of secondhand stuff on the porch, presumably for sale. The one piece of secondhand stuff that I remember was a garish gilded statue of a nude woman.

But she wasn't the tackiest part of the house. Sitting on the roof of the house was a pink statue of a pig, sitting like a porcine "The Thinker" (his nude body was human from the neck down), with a scowl on his face as he looked down on the street. The fact that Suwon is known for its rib dishes is the only tenuous connection I can make to make the pig anything less than inexplicable.

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