Sunday, October 15, 2006

Cheonggyecheon - More of it

I'm still trying to fulfill my goal of walking Cheonggyecheon all the way to the Han River. I tried it yesterday, but my feet still have some residual blisters from walking all over Taipei. And these are not the most comfortable shoes for walking long distances.

That said, I walked all the way from Dongdaemun to the vicinity of Sindap Metro Station. Once you get out there, Cheonggyecheon is no longer a trench cut through downtown Seoul, but is running through a neighborhood with a much more suburban feel. It's much wider, and has the feel of a real stream. At one point another wide stream feeds into it, in an area with gorgeous landscape architechture that I really should take pictures of. Nearby sections of the old Cheonggyecheon elevated expressway are still standing. It looks like ancient ruins.

But eventually my feet were killing me, so I turned off Cheonggyecheon and took the Metro back from Sindap. With more comfortable shoes and feet that have healed, I still plan to walk to the Han River sometime before winter.

By the way, more Taipei pics are coming, when I have time to upload them!

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