Sunday, November 05, 2006

Near Dongmyo

Today I went to Himalaya, the Indian-Nepalese restaurant near Dongmyo Shrine, for a solo lunch. I also took my camera. Look at this wide-angle picture, and compare it to...

...this one, taken just down the road and looking back. Note the Lotte Castle high-rises. Those are clean, slick, ultra-modern buildings with shops on the lower floors and apartments above. Presumably several of those older buildings were bulldozed to make way for Lotte Castle.
I wonder what a Westerner who didn't know the swastika meant Buddhism in Korean culture would think if he saw how ubiquitous the symbol was in some neighborhoods here.

The wall around Dongmyo Shrine. All of these pictures were taken very close to one another.

The food at Himalaya is excellent, by the way.

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