Sunday, October 22, 2006

Taipei VI

Jenna and I took a day to visit a village outside of Taipei that's famous for its local tea, and which even has a Tea Museum. And I've completely forgotten its name.
More in the series of Jenna taking pictures, this time of a temple in the aforementioned village.

A view from the top of the stairs in the previous photo.

Back in Taipei, we had dim sum at a 24-hour Cantonese restaurant that even had a write-up in Lonely Planet. One oddity: it was a very Western-looking restaurant (kinda like a Chinese IHOP, I thought) and there were several non-Asians there besides us, but the menu was entirely in monolingual Chinese. I certainly don't believe that non-English-speaking countries should affix English labels to absolutely everything, but it seems like a bilingual menu would be what you would expect to find at that sort of place. Not a value judgement - just thinking out loud.

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