Sunday, October 29, 2006


The weather was beautiful yesterday, so I went out to Suwon. Suwon's the capital and largest city of Kyonggi Province and is basically a very large suburb of Seoul; the main attraction is the Hwasung fortress wall, slightly over 2oo years old and located up on a hill that rises above the heart of the city. I did not make a full circuit of the wall as Lonely Planet recommends, but I did stay long enough to enjoy the view - Suwon is a much bigger city than you tend to think living in Seoul, and you can see for quite a long way from the top of the hill.

Also, there's a little park within the fortress walls with a March 1 1919 (analogous to July 4, 1776 in the USA) memorial and some benches. It's a very quiet place, considering it's surrounded by city on all sides. I didn't take my camera, but that means I could focus on the moment rather than take pictures for later.

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