Friday, August 31, 2007

Brendan, Jenna, Cat

There was a cat wandering around, mingling with the guests at the tea house. She would sit in my lap and purr, but only for a minute before getting bored and wandering elsewhere.

We posed her for a few photos, though.

I wasn't wearing my contacts, and I took my glasses off for these pictures, so if have a vacant expression on my face, that's why.

Back to Maokong

Apologies for the long wait between updates. This past weekend Jenna and I went back to Maokong, home of tea houses, scenery and the high-tech Maokong Gondola.
The rather alarming sign at Taipei Zoo station. The gondola was far more busy than it was when we first went (one day after a well-publicized accident left passengers stranded in the cable cars) and we waited in line for over 30 minutes. Employees handed out free bottles of sports drinks to people waiting in line.

The entrance to Taipei Zoo station; the line was actually a great deal longer than it appears here. Fortunately it moved relatively quickly.

The view from the cable cars. The cars move quickly and smoothly. No air conditioning, though - the cars are designed to use a minimum of electrical power.

Maokong Station, seen from a bit of a distance.

Pictures we took of Taipei from the tea house as the sun set.

A misspelled sign near the tea house that someone decided to try correcting.