Saturday, August 26, 2006

Myeongdong II

More pictures:
Not only do I not have the faintest idea what "flour food" is, but being able to read the Korean doesn't help me at all.

Most buildings in Myeongdong look something like this. I can't post a pic with high enough definition for you to see, but this building has fashion stores, restaurants, hair stylists, sneaker stores, a pharmacy, a real estate office, and "Dr. Paik's Weight Loss Clinic."

That big screen shows movie promos and music videos.

Now I am standing in front of the screen. Most of the pictures I took are within about 100 meters of this intersection.


Anonymous said...

Could flour food be something dipped in batter like the KFC ad in the picture? Please try to find out.

bundaegi said...

Well, it appears it goes with the Korean word 분식, which is is generally what they call food like kimbap, mandu, and other smaller-than-a-full-meal foods. Hmm. It COULD be twigim, which is the Korean equivalent of Japanese tempura and is fried in batter.