Saturday, August 12, 2006


I have this Monday and Tuesday (Aug. 14-15) off, as a direct result of Japan losing World War II. (Actually Japan losing World War II is probably responsible in one way or another for a lot of stuff that affects me, but this is the most immediate.) I've decided to go to Gyeongju tomorrow and stay for 2 nights.

I went to Gyeongju a while ago with a friend, but we only were able to stay for a night and I didn't get around to seeing the National Museum or the Seokguram grotto.

Right now my plan is to go to Gyeongju not by bus like last time, but by train. This makes it a more complicated excursion than my trip to Busan, because the high-speed train doesn't service Gyeongju. So I have to take an ordinary 새마을 - saemaul - train, which I haven't experienced before. Also, it appears the last morning train for Gyeongju leaves Seoul Station at 7:40AM, and if I miss it I either find other transportation (possibly a high-speed train to Daegu, and try my luck from there) or wait until evening

That's assuming Seoul Station is even where I want to be. Seoul's got 3 big passenger train terminals, and the official site of the national train service sure makes it look like Gyeongju-bound trains all depart from Cheongnyangni Station, which is where I went yesterday hoping to buy a ticket in advance. The girl at the ticket window was quite amused that I had come there and directed me to go to Seoul Station, which I did, only to find it so hopelessly crowded that I resolved to return only on Sunday morning. But I confirmed that the train numbers that the web site said were Gyeongju-bound were indeed on the big timetable, so I left feeling relieved and optimistic.

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