Saturday, August 26, 2006

Myeongdong I

Today the informal photo class I'm in roamed the streets of Myeongdong to take pictures. Our leader Michael practices street photography - particularly candid shots.

For me, today was all about overcoming my shyness taking candid photos of strangers in public. I don't know how many of my shots have artistic merit, but then I'm new at this game.

Sausages-on-skewer vendor. Of the five little sausages on each skewer, two are actually some sort of fishy substance.

At first it looks like a protest, but then you see it's an organized ad activity making its way through the streets.

Woman selling all sorts of street stall food.

This employee looks either angry or cautiously watching something.

Stylish belts for sale.

Reading a sermon. It's not unusual to see people standing at intersections handing out Christian pamphlets, or ever marching through crowded streets carrying a big cross-shaped sign with Christian music playing.

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