Saturday, November 25, 2006

Google Maps

I live here.
Well, kind of. That apartment building dead center in the middle of that Google Maps page is indeed where I live - I'm there right now typing this. But in the time since they shot that satellite picture, they built 3-4 additional apartment buildings around my building - there ought to be 2 more on that road (Maporo) just north of where I live.

I work here.
But you see the highway in the lower part of that satellite shot? It no longer exists - in that form, at least. That's Cheonggyecheon. In 2005 the city government tore down the roadway, uncovered an old stream bed and turned the whole area into a landscaped park. It escaped Google Maps' attention, apparently.

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE! It's December 6th as I write this. Google has updated part of their Seoul map. Now the area around my apartment building looks more accurate. Check out the workplace link, though, and you can see where the updated photo is joined to the old photo just to the west.

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