Sunday, April 15, 2007

Museum of Contemporary Art

Went to the Museum of Contemporary Art today. The museum is housed in a building downtown that used to be Taipei City Hall, before City Hall moved to the newish district in the eastern part of the city that's home to Taipei 101 and all sorts of modern civic buildings. The museum building has obviously undergone considerable renovation and remodeling, but it's an interesting mix.

The exhibit itself - the museum doesn't seem to have any permanent exhibits - is called 'Second Skin' (or 2ECOND SKIN as the museum spells it) and is dedicated to all sorts of variations on the theme of skin, clothing, and coverings for humans and furniture. Large swathes of the exhibit made me feel I was walking through a home furnishings catalog, as I saw various artists' take on, say, light bulbs or chairs.

Still, it was worth the $50NT each. And all of the signage and explanations were in perfect English that was just as comprehensive as the Chinese, something of a rarity in museums in this part of the world.

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