Sunday, April 29, 2007

Downtown Taipei

I wandered around downtown Taipei yesterday. Some pictures of Taipei urban architecture follow:
This is near the MRT station in Zhonghe where I live. Living outside of Taipei city limits means I am under no legal obligation to sort my garbage into recyclable and non-recyclable; it also means for certain services (like getting my Alien Registration Certificate) I need to go to a suburban office instead of the convenient place in downtown Taipei.

These signs are pretty common at MRT station entrances. That says, "To prevent bird flu virus from spreading, do not carry poultry and birds into the station." Taipei is as modern a city as I have ever lived in; somehow I can't imagine that the subways would be full of squawking chickens if there weren't a ban.

That's a sign for a Garfield Restaurant. As big as Garfield stuff is in the States, I don't think that particular bit of merchandising ever caught on.

Preparation for an outdoor concert in Ximending.

Taipei has a lot of motorbikes. A lot of motorbikes.

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