Friday, December 29, 2006

Weekend Plan

I have another three-day weekend so I thought I might travel again. I've never been to Jeollanamdo - South Jeolla Province - and I'm thinking about going to Mokpo by bus. Mokpo is a mid-sized port city, and it sounds more interesting for a short casual visit than Gwangju, the capital and biggest city in the province.

So I ran the idea past some of my classes and I had one class tell me it was a silly idea. None of them have ever been to Mokpo, but they told me it was not a great place to visit and I shouldn't go there. Mokpo apparently has a bit of a reputation for crime and gangs.

Another of my classes said that Mokpo is a perfectly fine city and I shouldn't let anti-Jeolla regional sentiment deter me. (Technically Jeonju is part of Jeolla too, but it's up north. Mokpo is Deep Jeolla.) I read this after and it helped me see my students' comments in perspective. I'm going to try to go there by bus tomorrow - the 5+ hour bus ride will help be time to relax and read - and I'll take pictures.

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