Saturday, December 09, 2006

Cheonggyecheon I

Today I tried again to walk along Cheonggyecheon all the way to the Han River. I didn't get all the way to the river, but I did keep going past the point where it's technically no longer Cheonggyecheon. Does that count?Cheonggyecheon entrance, near Dongmyo. When I took this picture I had just consumed a too-large amount of spiced garlicky mutton at Himalaya nearby. I'm going to walk east, away from Seoul's downtown area (and the phantasmagorically colored snail shell sculpture where Cheonggyecheon begins that everybody seems to hate).
Quite a nice ultra-lanscaped place to walk.
Those statues guarding the bridge are usually associated with Jejudo, the island to mainland Korea's south. But Koreans from all over see them as a sort of cultural symbol.
There used to be an elevated roadway here, and some of the supports are still up.
It's like you're looking at ancient ruins.

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