Monday, April 07, 2008


Take a look at a map of Taiwan and you'll see that most of the populated areas are along the coast - the interior is barely populated. The interior is where Jenna and I went this weekend. Lishan lies on the Central Cross-Island Highway - a highway that several hundred war veterans died to create in the 1950s - and is well-known for its locally grown fruit and sweeping views.

A couple of pictures I took in Lishan and at a nearby model farm popular for its scenic views:
I'm not sure what is being grown here, but it looks neat.
Lishan, from above.

Something that amazes me about Lishan is the utter lack of any name-brand convenience store. No 7-11, Family Mart or OK Mart. Just a bunch of local all-purpose general stores. Very strange for Taiwan, where the chains can be found everywhere and even Penghu has a Starbucks.
A depressing abandoned church.
Clothesline in front, mountains in back.

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