Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Baoan Temple Firewalking

Following are scenes from Baoan Temple on April 20. The Baosheng Culture Festival continued for several days both before and after, but we went on the 20th to see the firewalkers.

The place was full of spectators an hour before anything interesting happened. I was surprised by the number of Westerners with cameras in attendance.
Some statues that are slated to be carried over the hot coals.

Eventually they opened the gates and the crowd pressed in.

I tried to become adept at the art of taking pictures while holding the camera above my head.

Guys holding baskets of sand dumped their load on the hot coals, and the men carrying gods began to trudge across.

No clear views of any person actually walking on the hot coals and sand, but I got off some cool smoky shots.
Afterwards, this individual gave us little cookies in return for donations.

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