Thursday, September 06, 2007

Jingtong the town

Last weekend Jenna and I went to Jingtong, a town in Taipei County. It used to be a coal mining town and still retains some coal-mining-related tourist attactions (the museum didn't interest us); we went for the hiking and the chance to get out of Taipei. Jingtong's less than an hour away by bus and we could have made it a day trip, but we decided an overnight trip would have been more relaxing. We stayed at a very nice little place that might have been the only hotel in town.

Jingtong pictures:

This is Jingtong Railway Station, the terminus of the Pingxi Branch Line, a historic railway line that winds through this section of Taipei County. It was built by the Japanese in the 1930s and is very well preserved.
Many of the souvenirs you can buy in Jingtong have a old-time railway theme to them (as opposed to other touristy towns like Jioufen, which is full of souvenir shops but most of them are filled with generic Taiwan items, which have little to do with the town itself).

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