Thursday, September 06, 2007

First Day of Hiking

We had the great fun of taking these stairs both days of hiking. They actually go quite a bit higher than you can see in the picture.
These two very friendly dogs belong to our hotel. Despite our efforts to dissuade them, they insisted on following us halfway up the mountain. They eventually got bored of us and turned back, making it safely back to the hotel on their own.
These stone benches kept showing up by the trail. They were helpful, when not overgrown with vegetation.
A crashed motorbike several hundred meters up. It was fun to think of scenarios of how it came to be right there.
Jenna takes a picture of mountain scenery.

We ate lunch near that electrical tower.
That tunnel is damp, slippery, and there is no trail leading away from the far end of it, making it seem pretty much useless to us.

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