Friday, September 01, 2006


Durga, the new Indian restaurant on Jongno, is actually pretty good. If you don't mind high Indian-food-in-Korea prices. I went there with a friend yesterday and we each ordered the lunch special (she got the chicken curry, I went for the lamb curry, and we had dal and naan). Nothing spectacular if you're used to Indian food, but it was pretty decent. The clientel looked like it was mostly Korean, but there were a couple of Indian waiters who spoke Korean that's far superior to my own. Also on the menu was "steak". I always wanted to go to an Indian restaurant and order a nice, big juicy steak.

Still, Chakraa remains my favorite among Indian restaurants in Seoul, particularly the place near Noksapyeong station up in the direction of Namsan (I forget the neighborhood name). It always seems to be next to empty, and I hardly ever see Korean customers, but it's the cheapest Indian place I know of in the city and they do the southern stuff like dosa and idli.

In Korean food news, I really like hui dopbap. Raw fish, raw vegetables, and rice all mixed together with spicy sauce. It seems so wholesome - like there's nothing in it that could possibly be bad for you. Though I hear that some say you shouldn't eat raw fish in summer.

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