Sunday, April 09, 2006

Kraze Burger

I met a friend for lunch on Thursday at a place called Kraze Burger. Now, burgers and fries are not the kind of food I want to eat much in Korea - I have resolved never to eat at a McDonald's or Burger King here if I can help it - but Kraze Burger is a somewhat more classy place, catering to the lunching office worker crowd. And a popular place, too - we had to wait for a table.

Kraze Burger serves upscale burgers and fries, as well as some other dishes (eg, spaghetti, salads) and complimentary cold tea. It seemed like it could concievably be a multinational chain, but a visit to its Web site confirms that Kraze is only in Korea. I must admit that in my Western-centric way I am now a bit more respectful of Korea's ability to do Western hamburgers well - my burger with bacon and hot sauce was about the best I have ever had in this country.

Right now my main indulgence when it comes to food that is slightly less healthy than Korean food, is various kinds of Indian snacks (the kind they call "Mixture"). Think of an Indian version of American party mix - though I need to eat this stuff with a spoon or my fingers get all sticky. I bet it's healthier than eating Kraze Burger every day.

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