Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Hot Wings

On the other hand, who wants to think about healthy food all the time? Galbijim (see the link on the right?) recently featured Shwing, a hot wings restaurant in Apgujeong, as its Featured Article. I have not yet been there. Galbijim's administrator describes the wings thusly:
"Krazy Korean is their stupid-hot flavor. For foreigners who love spicy
food and are tired of Koreans wondering if they should water down the buldak for you, because they're worried that foreigners are not used to that kind of potency, you'll like this. When I ordered 10 Krazy Korean wings, she told me that they were
'dangerous'. I brushed this off as the usual, "are you sure that you can handle
that kind of heat? Remember, you're a foreigner." After getting through the 5th
one, I realized that I just got my ass kicked by some wings. My buddy had to go
for a walk to get over eating 2. Despite Korea being renowned for its spicy
food, the Krazy Korean wings are, without a doubt, the most potent things that
I've ever eaten in Korea".

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