Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas tree - and a cat

We've put up our Christmas tree! It was a gift from a coworker which we got in time for last Christmas. We've decked it out with lights and some ornaments from IKEA, and it fits very well on top of our unused desk.

The problem is that we're afraid the whole thing may come tumbling down, due to our roommate we didn't have last year:

His name is Zhaocai (or Zhaozhao) and, quite frankly, I don't trust him. As most young cats do, he gets into these moods when he gets these energy surges and runs madly from room to room. Fortunately, we have a decent-sized apartment, so I'm not worried. I've seen happy cats who've had far less space than Zhaozhao to run around in.

But that is one precarious tree. And if it topples, it's going to bring the electrical lights and the surge protector the lights are plugged into down with it.

This is going to be interesting.

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