Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Kaohsiung II

The Love River through downtown Kaohsiung used to be infamously polluted. Kaohsiung has cleaned itself up impressively in recent years, and the Love River is now the pleasant product of an urban renewal project. There are restaurants and open-air bars along the riverside.

As we ended Saturday, the typhoon continued to approach Taiwan but the weather still held up impressively.

On Sunday morning we partook of a complimentary hotel breakfast and then took a taxi to Shoushan, a mountain close to the city center known for its wildlife.

Macaques are most active around sunrise and sunset, but even though we came too late in the morning for prime monkey viewing there were still quite a few around. Unlike Tienmu Old Trail in Taipei, there were no signs posted telling visitors to be cautious around the macaques, but we kept our distance anyway. (Rough Guide says there's been a problem in the past with humans feeding the monkeys, and we didn't want them to think we were bringers of food.)

The ocean, seen from Shoushan.

Kaohsiung-style road repair work. To prevent anyone from hitting the pothole, just stick an overturned office chair in it.

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