Monday, February 18, 2008


Just before catching our plane to Sumatra, we spent a day exploring Singapore for the first time.

The only place I've ever been where everything official is written in four languages.

Those bicycle rickshaws seem tailor-made for tourists who want a picturesque trip and have money to spend.

Little India.

The Cheapest Store in Singapore has several locations in Little India - some of them less than a block apart from each other.

The waterfront at night.

Views from the window of our hotel near Ferrer Park.

This black and orange bird is everywhere in Singapore.

I'd love to return to Singapore for a more extended visit. It's a country where relatively inexpensive food from a wide swath of Asia can be had - Chinese, Southeast Asian, and North and South Indian. (It's practically impossible to find South Indian food in Taipei, which made the plethora of cheap Tamil food in Singapore heaven for us.) It's a country where most people speak some English and many people speak perfect English, but Jenna was still able to find opportunities to speak Mandarin to locals. It's a country where I might grow disenchanted with the government if I had to live there long-term, but it's an orderly country that entirely avoids the chaos that is most of Southeast Asia. It's a country that seems like a totally different planet from Sumatra.

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