Sunday, January 06, 2008

Cute Pet Photos

The Taipei Pets Expo was this weekend, around Shin Kong Mitsukoshi in Xinyi.It was a place for people to bring their pets - mostly dogs.Though there were a few cats making the rounds too.And some utterly miscellaneous pets, such as this flying squirrel.These two huskies, identical except for the color of their leashes, were engaged in an epic play-battle.Jenna and I volunteered for Animals Taiwan, a no-kill shelter which works to find homes for stray animals. This is Mitsubishi, who is very small, meowed nervously for the first few hours she was in her cage, and got adopted before the day was over.Look at that donation box on Judy's chassis. I seriously think she made several times as much per hour as I do at my job.This is Precious (left) and Bingo (right). One or the other was usually on a leash in front of our booth, greeting passers-by and other dogs.

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