Sunday, July 01, 2007


It's time to post some pictures from my Penghu trip. These are a bit late, but I was distracted by a bad case of sunburn I got (my feet were so badly burned they required professional medical attention; they're healing well now) and by my own procrastination habit.

Maokong is the biggest city in Penghu - not that it's really such a large city. I got the feeling it would be a lot smaller if not for the tourist trade. It has at least one Starbucks.

We took a boat like this to Chipei on Monday. Chipei is where I had my first snorkeling experience.
The main town on Chipei. Chipei's a tiny island which is settled by people living off tourists - I imagine it becomes something of a ghost town in winter.
We saw dragon boat races on Tuesday morning. These pictures were taken at the harbor in Maokong. Three boats competed, and there was a fairly decent-sized crowd.
The beach on the main island in Penghu where we went snorkeling on Tuesday. The area over by the rocks in the distance is where Jenna and I found squid, cuttlefish, puffer fish, and other assorted creatures. Just a stone's throw from dry land.

The Matsu Temple in Penghu. It's said to be the oldest temple in all of Taiwan by some guidebooks (the English-language signs outside only claim it's the oldest Matsu temple in Taiwan). I'm sure much of the original structure has been replaced since it was built in the 1600s, but you can see some old woodwork and art inside.

A gnarled tree outside the Matsu temple.

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