Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Status Report

This weekend I went down to Tainan - in doing so, crossing the Tropic of Cancer for the first time in my life - to spend two days exploring the old capital of Taiwan with Jenna. I took a couple of pictures but have yet to upload them to my computer. Tainan is absolutely filled with temples both large and small, and has some excellent street food. (One thing I've learned is that ultra-cheap al fresco dining is REALLY BIG here - no doubt influenced by the climate. Yesterday and today have been chilly and rainy days, but Jenna assures me they are the exception, not the rule.)

I have an apartment near Nanshijiao MRT station - technically not in Taipei but rather in Chungho, but the MRT and buses make transportation to and from Taipei very easy. The apartment is on the 6th floor of a building with no elevator, but I'll manage.

Yesterday I had a job interview with Kojen, who are one of the best-respected English language schools in Taiwan, with several locations in Taipei. If I work for them I'll most likely teach kids, with maybe some adult classes as well. Today I interviewed at Berlitz, which (if I teach there) will be mostly adult classes. Tonight I go to interview at a place called Effective International English, who (I believe) teach mostly adults.

I'll have a couple of pictures up soon, but for now Michael Turton's site has a bunch of pictures showing what real Taiwan looks like.

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