Thursday, January 11, 2007

Beef sundubu

My latest Korean food addiction is sogogi sundubu, or 소고기순두부, or beef sundubu. Sundubu is a common lunchtime Korean food, consisting of boiling-hot soup with soft tofu, spices, vegetables, and sometimes egg. If there's any meat in regular sundubu, it's usually clam or other seafood.

Lately I've been patronizing a wonderful sundubu-specialty restaurant near Dongdaemun for lunch, and they offer kimchi sundubu, mushroom sundubu and beef sundubu in addition to the regular old sundubu available anywhere in Seoul. With beef sundubu they add ground beef to the soup instead of shellfish, and I can't explain why but it greatly improves it. It's slightly greasy but the taste is wonderful. It's somewhat like ma po do fu.


annamatic said...

hello... do you have directions to the restaurant? I'm curious....

bundaegi said...

Walk due east from Dongdaemun, in the direction of Dongmyo station, and it will be on your left. I forget the name but it's clearly a place specializing in sundubu. Come to think of it, it might be a chain.

There's also a bunch of decent Indian restaurants on that same street, BTW.