Wednesday, July 26, 2006


They just opened up a new Starbucks near where I work. I was really taken aback to walk by it last night and see it nearly open for business (today's opening day), because I'd walked past that same spot a dozen times this past week and I hadn't noticed it. Maybe they put the big green logo up just yesterday, and until then the identity of the new store was A Big Secret.

Jongno 2-ga must be about the most Starbucks-dense places I have ever been. A few weeks ago I was astonished to see a Starbucks close up shop here. I'd never seen that happen before. Barely a week passed before a business moving in down the street put up the big green Starbucks logo.

An inventory of Jongno 2-ga Starbucks:

- The Starbucks that faces Cheonggyecheon

- The Starbucks that is on a side street between Jongno and Cheonggyecheon

- The newly opened Starbucks on Jongno

- The Starbucks across from Jongno Tower

- The Starbucks on the southern end of Insadong

- The Starbucks in Youngpoong Bookstore

That last Starbucks is not visible from the street, which raises the possibility that there might be other Starbucks I don't know about. All these Starbucks are within a very small geographical area, and I'm not counting the area south of Cheonggyecheon (which has several Starbucks) or north of Insadong (likewise).

Jongno has officially surpassed Dupont Circle in Washington, DC on my count of Starbucks density.

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