Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Standings Thus Far

On Sunday (Monday morning here) Korea played France to a 1-1 tie, a tie that Korea was much happier about than France was. I have not actually seen any World Cup games yet, but I am following things online so I can discuss Korea's situation intelligently.

Last night Togo played Switzerland, and all of Korea was (selfishly) hoping that Togo would emerge victorious. That's all because Korea, France, Togo, and Switzerland make up Group G, and out of those 4 countries 2 will go on to the next round. Togo was the weaker of the two teams, so if they had earned points by beating Switzerland they would not have threatened Korea's chances to advance as much. But Switzerland defeated Togo. Now Korea and Switzerland are at the top of Group G, with France lagging behind, and Togo already eliminated - though they still have to play France on Friday.

Everything will be decided on Friday (early Saturday morning here), when France plays Togo and Korea plays Switzerland. If Togo beats France despite their futile situation, then Korea advances to the next round, win or lose. If Togo ties France, then again Korea advances, win or lose.

But if France defeats Togo, then Korea will have to defeat Switzerland in order to advance. I think. If France beats Togo and Korea ties Switzerland, then Korea, France and Switzerland will be in a 3-way tie atop Group G, and (I think, I'm not sure) it will be cumulative margins of victory for each team that will decide who gets to go on to the next round.

It took Sudoku-like thinking on my part, looking at the standings, to figure that out. I think I'm right.

The two games will happen simultaneously - and at 4am Korea time. I plan to be asleep.

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