Tuesday, May 23, 2006

4 day weekend coming up

I have a four-day weekend early next month. I am considering using it to travel by train to visit other parts of the country - probably either Gwangju or Busan. Just crash in a cheap hotel room and then explore the city with a guidebook.

Makes me wish I'd gotten myself a digital camera back in the States, where I've figured out they are a bit less expensive. When I do get one, I plan to use it to decorate this blog space... themes like Modern Sculptures! (Seoul is full of modernistic outdoor sculpture of the sort that you generally find in office parks in the United States.) Or churches. Seoul has many breathtakingly ugly churches - which if I take many photos of churches I will include a few of just for comparative purposes - but also some fairly attractive modernistic churches.

But if I do head out alone for the provinces, it's OK if I don't take a camera. Feeling a need to take pictures is distracting, anyway.

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